Yoga4all is a fitness and wellness studio based in
Airside retail park, Swords, Dublin.
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Antigravity Aerial Yoga

Explore the evolution of yoga into 3-dimentional space. This body/mind/spirit class utilises an aerial yoga hammock to help you discover new asanas, flying asanas, vinyasa variations and elements of calisthenics, sports conditioning and aerial silks skills.  We also explore levitating meditations and ways to de-stress the body – both physically and mentally in a fun and unique way. 

Suzanne Kenny has been teaching Antigravity aerial yoga since 2011 and Yoga4all was the first studio in Dublin to introduce this revolutionary technique. Suzanne was trained by the creator of Antigravity –  Christopher Harrison.

Suzanne did her original 500hr yoga teaching qualification back in 2004 and has been teaching full time ever since. Yoga4all was officially opened in 2011 and was the first Yoga Studio in Swords Co.Dublin. Before that Suzanne taught in various gyms and halls in Swords before settling in Airside.

Powerflow Yoga

The PowerFlow classes are a hybrid class and If you have been to one of Suzannes classes you know she likes to teach alot of functional movement patterns mixed in with tradition yoga sequences… sometimes with a little detour with blocks and Barre moves and some non traditional ‘yoga moves’ but that are fundamentally about keeping the body moving well for as long as we can.

That’s something Suzanne is very passionate about. We work on the fundamentals of movement , strength , mobility and flexibility and if anyone wants to use that movement capacity they gain, through the classes, to do some fancy arm balances etc then they can! Classes always include progressions and regressions !

 These classes focus on building internal heat, increasing stamina, strength, and flexibility, as well as stress reduction. The classes are 60mins long and we end each class with a short relaxation (one of the most important parts of any yoga class)